June 16, 2021


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Chevy Equinox and Malibu Are Focus on of Steering Wheel Theft

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Envision waking up, downing your espresso, and stumbling out to your Chevrolet Equinox or Malibu only to obtain that the entire steering wheel is missing. In accordance to a report from Detroit Tv station WJBK-FOX2, that’s exactly what took place to a couple of dozen residents of the Detroit suburb of Eastleigh. (The lacking steering wheels, that is—we’re speculating about the coffee and the early-morning stumbling.)

Apparently, this is a new twist on the traditional aged crime of airbag theft. The National Insurance plan Crime Bureau notes that roughly 50,000 airbags go strolling just about every year. Robbers promote the stolen airbags to considerably less-than-scrupulous shops who like to spend $250-$300 to the villains fairly than a $1,000 or far more to a dealer. Pandemic-related shortages have manufactured airbags scarce, that’s why the new urgency to steal them.

A fantastic steering wheel lock, these types of as The Club, can make airbag theft additional tough, but evidently, these Michigan robbers have discovered a way all around that: Steal the full steering wheel immediately after initially breaking in through the rear-facet window, which apparently won’t cause the alarm.

Of course, this way sucks for the hapless target, for the reason that not only is your motor vehicle not drivable (or, at least, a heck of a great deal much less drivable), but the fix is additional expensive—assuming you can get the repair performed at all mainly because, if you haven’t listened to, there’s an airbag shortage.

What can you do, moreover not generate a Chevy? Park in a garage or beneath lights, or at minimum park in the vicinity of a digicam so you may have online video of the scoundrel who breaks into it. If you are a die-hard GM supporter, wait around for the launch of the Cruise Origin, which has no steering wheel to steal. Oh, and if you want an airbag, be sure to don’t invest in one particular off eBay or Craigslist, mainly because likelihood are you might be finding it from a single of these scuzzbucket burglars.

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