January 17, 2022


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Elevated duties on Asian tires continue to be

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WASHINGTON — The U.S. Commerce Office has affirmed the imposition of elevated antidumping duties on shopper tires from South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, albeit with a handful of revisions to the preliminary duties issued before.

Commerce has been finding out the scenario since late December, when it issued its preliminary willpower to impose anti-dumping import responsibilities on passenger and gentle truck tires transported from the 4 Asian lands, ranging at that time from 13.25% to as high as 98.44%.

Commerce’s choice — which finds that passenger automobile and gentle truck tires from South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam “are staying, or are possible to be, bought in the U.S. at much less than good worth” — sets the phase for a possibly rancorous hearing May 25, conducted by the Intercontinental Trade Commission (ITC), which need to rule on Commerce’s conclusion.

The investigation into these imports stems from petitions filed in May possibly 2020 by the United Steelworkers, which argued this sort of imports were injuring the domestic tire field.

In its resolve, Commerce altered the antidumping premiums on a number of businesses, lowering some and increasing others. Between the modifications are:


  • In South Korea, the level for Hankook Tire & Technology Co. Ltd. dropped to 27.05% from 38.07%, although that for Nexen Tire Corp. enhanced a bit to 14.72% from 14.24%. The “all other people” fee dropped to 21.74% from 27.81%.
  • In Taiwan, the fee for Cheng Shin Rubber Market Co. Ltd. dropped to 20.04% from 33.33%, which now was a revision from the primary preliminary level of 52.42%. The charge for Nankang Rubber Market Co. Ltd. was lifted to 101.84% from 98.44%. The “all many others” price slipped somewhat to 84.75% from 88.82%
  • In Thailand, Commerce elevated the rated for Sumitomo Rubber (Thailand) Co. Ltd. to 14.62%, from 13.25%. The rate for LLIT (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (Linglong) was trimmed marginally to 21.09%, from 22.21%. The “all some others” charge was raised slightly to 17.08% from 16.66%.
  • In Vietnam, the rates were unchanged: the Vietnam-large level stayed at 22.30% and the rate for other named businesses — Sailun Vietnam Co. Ltd. Kenda Rubber (Vietnam) Co. Ltd. Bridgestone Tire Production Vietnam L.L.C. Kumho Tire (Vietnam) Co. Ltd. and Yokohama Tyre Vietnam Co. Ltd. — remains at %.


Tire makers in Vietnam have to contend with countervailing obligations of between 6.23% and 10.08%.

The May well 25 listening to will allow all afflicted functions to existing their conditions for mitigation or enforcement. The listening to will be held pretty much.

Right after the hearing, the ITC commissioners will then weigh the evidence and testimony and vote on whether or not to approve Commerce’s perseverance. They have until June 23 to achieve a closing final decision on the investigation.

If the ITC votes in the affirmative on all four situations, Commerce then will impose all of the dumping and countervailing orders however if the ITC commissioners were being to vote in the adverse on all four, then the case would stop and money deposits held by Commerce would be forfeited back to the respondent nations around the world.

In addition, the ITC conceptually could vote affirmative on some of the countries and destructive on many others.

After Commerce voted in December in favor of continuing the investigation, it directed U.S. Customs and Border Defense (CBP) to collect dollars deposits from importers of passenger and gentle truck tires from the specific lands.

Since then, the company has issued a handful of revisions, but the standard costs haven’t transformed measurably.

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