January 18, 2022


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Harley-Davidson V-Rod Flaunts Brutal Rear Wheel, Entrance A single Is not Also Shabby Either

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Compared with cars, which are a little bit trickier to be introduced to customized standing, motorcycles could show up a bit easier to modify. After all, in the see of some, all one particular has to do is slap on some new, perhaps even larger wheels on the detail, massage the gasoline tank and exhaust process a bit, and there you have it, instant tailor made.

But the fact is a lot unique and, just like with cars and trucks, most of the time a whole lot of work goes into coming up with just the ideal mixture of things to make a two-wheeler not only one of a kind, but also capable of sending the proper message across, whatsoever that concept is.

Since Russians are a no-nonsense men and women, whichever comes out of the state ought to scream electricity and an unwillingness to compromise, and which is just what this heavily modified 2012 V-Rod sends throughout.

The build, identified as Onik, is the perform of a shop that goes by the title Box39, a group that specialized over the several years in coming up with crazy builds centered on Harley-Davidson’s now defunct line of muscle motorcycles.

And they also specialize in building custom wheels, as the insane bits equipped on the Onik, just like the ones fielded by their other projects, are designed in-residence, and not sourced from a 3rd-social gathering garage.

Somewhat tiny in measurement for a custom made V-Rod (we’re utilized with 20+ inchers, whereas these kinds are 18 inches entrance and 17 inches rear), the wheels are on the intense facet of matters, style-sensible, and the rear a person primarily tends to make this American two-wheeler glimpse specifically attractive.

Explained by the shop as staying a Harley-Davidson V-Rod in brutal form, the Onik, which boasts a variety of other modifications meant to go with the rims, was put jointly back again in 2020, but we have no info on what roads people insane wheels presently spin on.

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