January 18, 2022


Automotive maniacs

How should you warn a driver of tire difficulty?

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Q: A brief shoutout to the driver of an older Dodge minivan on Freeway 17 on Thursday early morning. He was flashing his headlights guiding me, and I considered he required me to pull more than so he could move. I was likely with website traffic in the quick lane, and that didn’t make sense.

When I arrived at my place of work, I realized I had a approximately wholly flat appropriate rear tire. Definitely he was making an attempt to notify me. I want to thank him for his endeavor. I regret I didn’t decide up on his sign.

Do you or your viewers have any ideas for alerting a driver to these types of a hazard?

Peter Gallagher, Campbell

A: I do, but 1st there’s additional to your tale

Q: Right after changing the broken tire with the spare, I took the flat to a shop. There was 1 other customer waiting, who had found me before on Interstate 880 and tried to alert me by blowing his horn. Similar intent to alert me, but a unique technique from the initially guy.

It makes me truly feel superior that there are many others out there ready to try to assistance out a different motorist.

Lesson discovered: Even if your tire stress checking procedure has “cried wolf” on you many occasions, as mine has, do not ignore it!

Peter Gallagher

A: It is very good to listen to they have been attempting to assist you. As a sign, honking can confuse other drivers and maybe guide some to highway rage, sad to say. Flashing your lights rapidly and regularly commonly operates greater.

Q: I’m Wayne Meyer’s sister. Wayne is the man who fulfilled his upcoming spouse in a driver’s ed class in high university. You asked what variety of driver he is. I say he’s an aggressive driver but no accidents.

He is practically 9 years more mature than I am. Once when I was minor, using in the back seat of his vehicle, I overheard him say he believed his rear finish was going out. Every time I obtained in his auto I rode in concern the back of his car would fall off with me in it.

Christine Meyer Kingsland, Milpitas

A: Thanks for the chuckle.

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