December 9, 2021


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Is There Home For Two Aviation Fuels?

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If you can visualize for a instant an all-strong criminal mastermind like Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld convening his evil minions for a just can’t-pass up diabolical scheme to consider over the entire world, what would it be? A fleet of area weapons able of seizing management of all the world’s airliners and threatening to crash them? Amusing and artistic, of course. How about a voracious organism to turn the planet oil source into strawberry jello? I’d favor cherry myself, but I see the dramatic prospective. Or a mystery moon foundation with multi-barrel lasers to vaporize entire world financial centers? Could function.

A surer bet could possibly be to switch the aviation marketplace unfastened on getting a new unleaded gas and watch—without amusement—at the ensuing uncertainty. I’d explain it as chaos rather, but no one has ample information to know if it rises to that level or is just simple hopelessness.

So let’s evaluate. As we reported in July, Common Aviation Modifications Inc. has a confined STC acceptance for its G100 unleaded 100-octane gas. Embry-Riddle has backed out of currently being a launch demonstration shopper for that fuel thanks to charge, but GAMI and Avfuel, who will develop and distribute it, are confident they’ll uncover one more taker. It will acquire much more than one, of program, so there is little doubt we’re on the lookout at a extended slog to build the market. Avfuel’s Craig Sincock stated as a lot.

In the meantime, with the scent of unleaded in the air, will the important oil firms even now making 100LL—Phillips, Chevron, Exxon and Shell—hang all over to see what takes place or get a wrecking ball to their lead shacks before Avfuel (or any one else) can industrialize G100 for vast distribution? There is profit in refining leaded avgas, but not a whole lot and it may perhaps look a lot less desirable if 100LL genuinely is the sunset merchandise we all believe it is.

Meanwhile, the EPA performs the cat in Blofeld’s lap. Will it, as it has been envisioned to do for a long time, eventually travel the nail in 100LL’s coffin by declaring the aviation industry’s use of direct as a health endangerment? This appears like a foregone conclusion, but we’ve thought that for about 20 years now.

Even further caginess comes from Swift Fuel, which has been and is distributing a small-octane UL94 aviation gasoline, albeit not greatly. Improbably, it introduced it’s increasing the sector by including an additional 47 airports in California to its source stores. Nonetheless, UL94 stays a market demonstration gasoline and with handful of exceptions, the airports featuring it are providing very low volumes. Even more muddying the mix—but possibly portending level of competition for G100—is that Swift is developing its own 100-octane gasoline, 100R.

If you can see exactly where this is going, enable me know. I have no strategy and I do not believe anyone else does, both. No a single appreciates if the majors or minors will keep in the leaded avgas business enterprise to the bitter stop, no matter whether they’ll indication on for certified creation of G100 or Swift’s 100R, if it graduates from growth, or if UL94 has legs in the current market if 100-octane gains a foothold relatively before long.

Are we about to set the clock again to the days when we had two grades of aviation fuel—three, really—only unleaded this time? Perhaps. But it would probable be a remarkably Balkanized current market. “If Swift arrived out with 100 octane, we would go to that and halt UL94. Most individuals want at minimum 91 octane, so that’s so near to 100, we might as effectively switch around,” Mike Hudetz, who oversees Rochelle Municipal Airport in Illinois, explained to me when I canvassed a 50 %-dozen airports advertising Swift UL94. But the sensation is considerably from common. “We are hoping to retain each,” reported Spike MacGregor, ops director at Price County Airport in Phillips, Wisconsin. “Some men and women have stated they would alternatively go again to autofuel,” he adds. So that “both” could possibly consist of autofuel and a 100-octane applicant.

Swift has a tiny market place existence with UL94. According to its website, only about 25 community use airports market UL94, most centered on the Midwest where Swift’s sole source supply is found in Indiana. The California announcement extra than doubled that. As a result significantly, the fuel has been delivered only by truck, but it could be ramping up adequate volume to take into consideration rail, which is less expensive.

The airports advertising it report that clients are uniformly pleased with unleaded gasoline and could not care who supplies it. “I’ve compensated notice to exactly where we’re likely with unleaded gas. There is a industry for it. People want it,” stated Dan DeMeo of Rabbit Aviation Providers in San Carlos, California, in which the airport has been providing UL94 since 2016. “It’s a large amount nicer to operate with. I like it far better than 100LL,” he adds. Like the other airports I contacted, DeMeo reports no difficulties or complaints with on-time supply or readily available volume, which might establish a business design based mostly on minimal volume delivered from distant suppliers. Which is in which GAMI is probably likely, at least initially.

Some purchasers have equated unleaded fuel with increased rates than 100LL, but that’s not constantly real with UL94. In reality, it’s mainly untrue. Very last week, my selling price survey uncovered that UL94 was less costly than 100LL at four of the 6 airports I checked with, the exact same at 1 and more costly at one. I would simply call it, then, at present cost similar to 100LL, regardless of the transportation expenses. Even at San Carlos, 2200 miles from the rack in Indiana, 94UL is a dime much less expensive than 100LL. (Not getting viewed the P&L, we really don’t know if this pricing is sustainable or established at loss-chief economics.)

What this implies to me is that UL94 is not automatically DOA when an unleaded 100-octane arrives, be it G100, 100R or one thing we really do not know about now. A shocking quantity of airports already have dual tankage so this is not the showstopper I the moment thought it was. It will probably be pushed by the voice of the customer.

“It a difficult get in touch with to make,” stated Brad Stanford, who operates Dublin Municipal in Dublin, Texas.

“There’s constantly a chance of two fuels. There’s not plenty of current market study to say. If pilots are not consistently hounding them to get this gasoline on the field, they’re [FBOs] not gonna do it.”

Of training course, the other risk of a two-gasoline entire world is GAMI’s G100 and Swift’s 100R. Or some other participant we do not know about. And with the unsure intent of the recent 100LL provide earth, I surprise if there are not heading to be supply disruptions as the gaps get filled in, as they inevitably will.

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