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U.S. expended nuclear fuel inventory steadily greater from 2013 through 2017 – Right now in Energy

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May 3, 2021

The volume of expended nuclear gas manufactured by nuclear energy vegetation in the United States has steadily increased for the duration of the previous handful of a long time. The volume of invested nuclear fuel at the stop of 2017 was 13.5% metric tons far more than at the conclude of June 2013, according to freshly launched info from EIA’s Nuclear Gas Info Study. The survey data consist of information on the quantity and properties of spent nuclear gasoline at the time when a reactor discharges it. &#13

The Nuclear Gasoline Data Survey exhibits that concerning 1968 and 2017, much more than 276,000 bundles of invested gas rods (fuel rod assemblies), which contained a tiny considerably less than 80,000 metric tons of uranium, were saved in the United States. The inventory of used fuel assemblies has grown by about 13.2% from mid-2013 to the conclusion of 2017.

The nuclear fuel used in nuclear reactors calls for concentrated uranium (identified as enriched uranium), which is further more processed to build nuclear gasoline. The enriched uranium is encased in fuel rods that go in a reactor’s gas assembly to deliver electric powered electrical power. Every gas assembly is normally utilized for a cycle of 18 to 24 months.

The discharged expended nuclear gasoline rods are stored in a person of two methods. The first technique stores spent gas rods in swimming pools of drinking water that cool them and deliver added shielding from radiation. The pools of water resemble swimming pools. The next method shops pre-cooled invested gas rods in a container filled with inert gas. Every single container is surrounded by metal, concrete, or other material to provide a stronger defend from radiation. In the United States, almost all invested nuclear gas is now stored onsite at commercial nuclear electricity plants. A really smaller amount of put in nuclear gasoline, considerably less than 1%, is saved at offsite amenities.

We acquire knowledge on put in nuclear fuel from 119 industrial reactors in 33 U.S. states. The oldest reactor, now permanently shut down, is the Dresden 1, which began operating in Illinois in 1959. The latest reactor started off working in Tennessee in 2016. More than 17,500 metric tons of the cumulative expended nuclear gasoline by uranium mass in the United States is saved in two states, Illinois and Pennsylvania. New York, North Carolina, and South Carolina have the upcoming best volumes of expended nuclear gasoline in storage at far more than 4,000 metric tons of uranium in just about every state.

cumulative commercial spent nuclear fuel in storage by state

We administer the Nuclear Gasoline Data Study for the U.S. Office of Energy’s Office environment of Regular Agreement Administration. You can discover much more about nuclear power in the United States on our internet site.

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