December 3, 2021


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What happens when cows do not kind keratin plugs in the course of dry period of time?

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Through the dry time period, cows typically variety a keratin plug — a wax-like compound that seals the teat canal. “A keratin plug is definitely nature’s way of shutting the doorway to mastitis-creating pathogens,” explained Dr. Linda Tikofsky, DVM, senior associate director of dairy professional veterinary companies, Boehringer Ingelheim.

However, investigate has demonstrated that when cows are dried off producing additional than 45 kilos, about 55% of these teat ends will continue to be open up a month following dry off.

“Years back, most cows were able to make a keratin plug, but as we dry off animals at these greater manufacturing amounts, they’re less probably to kind a single on their possess,” mentioned Dr. Tikofsky.

A teat sealant can enjoy a precious function in defending cows against mastitis during the dry time period. Teat sealants offer a sterile, antibiotic-cost-free bodily barrier concerning the udder and its environment — they also operate nicely in conjunction with antibiotic remedy.

There are two forms of teat sealants readily available:

External teat sealants usually very last 5 to seven times and demand standard visual inspection. They have to be utilized 2 times: as soon as at dry off, and then yet again ahead of freshening. Relying on the number of programs, exterior sealants can develop into labor-intensive and pricey.

Interior teat sealants have been designed to past across the whole dry time period and simulate a cow’s keratin plug.

Cross-section of a teat with protection from: A) An external teat sealant. B) A natural keratin plug. C) An internal teat sealant.

Appropriate application and proper elimination are key to working with an inner teat sealant successfully:

The teat finish really should be extensively sanitized right before infusion. Devoid of correct cleanliness and preparation, bacteria on the teat close may be forced into the udder and bring about an infection.

All through administration, the area where by the teat joins the udder should really be pinched so the sealant is only applied into the teat cistern. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.