Checklist of kind of connector in electronics

Checklist of kind of connector in electronics

In electrical units and initiatives, connectors play a vital perform. Selecting the proper connection for the job is essential. It’s essential for product effectivity and cost-effectiveness, in addition to security, PCB fabrication, and product manufacturing. Consequently, producers have developed a broad vary of distinctive digital connections which can be particularly tailor-made to fulfill a product or software. 

Nonetheless, there are connections which can be so adaptable that they’re just about actually current in each electrical gear used regularly. So, this text will study the kind of connectors which can be typically used in addition to their makes use of.


A pin header

Printed circuit boards are the primary use for headers. These connections are extensively accessible and fairly reasonably priced. Widespread in breakout boards, sensing modules, improvement boards, and so on. With this, you may rapidly join any PCB module and unplug it everytime you need. Most low-voltage DC circuits in energy and knowledge strains make use of header pins.

  • Floor mount and through-hole (THT and THT) headers are likewise obtainable.
  • Headers are available in two varieties: female and male.
  • Its adaptability principally outcomes from its capability to stack or unstack the header in accordance with our calls for.
  • It is available in quite a lot of pitch diameters, with 2.54 mil or 0.1 inches being the preferred.
  • Continuously, headers are bought within the type of lengthy strips with many pins that could be merely lower aside to the proper variety of pins.

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The JST connector 

By way of use, they’re considerably akin to pin headers, though they provide extra advantages than simple headers. Two distinct boards or modules are related utilizing JST connections. Moreover used for energy and knowledge switch, this connection.

  • That is additionally obtainable in female and male types, with the male model generally sitting on the PCB and the feminine model connecting to the peripheral machine by way of an prolonged cable. On this state of affairs, ribbon cables are sometimes employed.
  • It is protected against exterior strain bending its tiny pins by being contained in a plastic container.
  • For gear with mechanical parts, this plastic enclosure additionally incorporates a locking mechanism that stops the connectors from merely separating.
  • The variety of pins a JST connection has varies. Variants with 2, 4, 6, and eight pins are sometimes used.

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Screw terminal

One other type of connector is the screw terminal, which is usually used to energy PCBs. This connection is a helpful energy connector for each AC and DC functions since it could possibly deal with excessive currents and voltage with ease. This connector’s title comes from the screws that connect the wire connection to it. There are some wonderful screw terminal choices at this terminal retailer.

  • Whereas 4, 6, and eight pin variants are additionally included on boards, the two pin kind is the commonest.
  • Plastic covers the true steel terminal to protect it from brief circuits and different shock dangers.

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The barrels connector

An influence connector often called a barrel connector is often used with a DC provide, significantly wall adapters. The dimensions of the female and male connectors ought to match to be used as a result of they’ve totally different diameters. This connection is properly famend for its user-friendliness due to the Tip and Sleeve association that avoids misuse from customers.

  • There are PCB mount and non-PCB mount variations of it.
  • To keep away from inadvertent reverse connection, its cylindrical coaxial design was specifically chosen.
  • This connector’s sleeve is often related to the bottom or the unfavourable aspect of our energy provide. The tip additionally connects to the ability provide’s optimistic aspect.

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Connectors for cable lugs 

These energy connections are extensively used. They arrive in quite a lot of shapes and sizes and generally with insulation. Management panels are sometimes utilised in industrial functions because of their capability to endure mechanical stress. Among the many most well-known connection varieties are the Ring, Fork, Spade, and Butthead varieties. 

  • For creating safe connections, wires to those connectors are incessantly soldered, crimped, or welded.
  • These connections can be found in quite a lot of thicknesses, and the utmost present they will carry is dependent upon their measurement and the kind of steel they’re product of.

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The Molex connector 

Regardless of having an identical look to JST connections, Molex connectors typically have bigger pin pitches. They’re incessantly employed in energy functions. Our PCs are one of many typical locations to see this connection. You might have noticed this in motherboards, arduous drives, and different peripherals, in addition to the ATX energy provide unit of a pc. 

  • It has cylindrical spring-metal sockets and pins that match into these sockets.
  • A plastic casing is used to guard the pins and sockets.
  • Relying on the appliance, a connector may have 2 to 24 contacts in a single or double-row association.
  • A polarity locking machine protects the pins and sockets in a single enclosure to ensure the correct orientation.

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FFC: Flat flex connector

The connector’s mild weight and elevated flexibility are each essential options. Most incessantly present in trendy electronics like cell phones, laptops, cameras, shows, and different units that require wire to be twisted and utilised in confined places.

  • On a versatile cable, the sort of connection has a flat piece of conducting materials.
  • It’s a scaled-down model of a typical ribbon cable designed for extremely dense digital functions.
  • To facilitate insertion and provide pressure reduction, the cable ends will probably be thicker than typical.

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The IDC connector 

When a number of parallel connections on a board must be coupled, Insulation-Displacement connectors, or IDC connectors, are incessantly used to move knowledge throughout boards. Most incessantly seen in LCDs, networking and sign connections, and so on. 

  • Made by forcing some pointed blades via a ribbon wire.
  • IDC expertise was finally expanded to hyperlink a number of stranded wires as properly, regardless of being initially meant to easily join single-stranded conductors to be able to save up some mounting area.
  • Comes with a locking mechanism as properly to cease the cable from shifting or separating from the board.

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The RF connector 

A novel form of coaxial connector known as an RF connector is utilised solely in functions involving high-frequency radio waves. Functions that enhance sign high quality embrace WiFi antennas and TV sign receivers.

  • A single core wire serves because the protect in this type of connection by having many wires wrapped round it.
  • Its coaxial building minimises energy losses and sign interference.

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Connectors for audio and video

Let’s briefly go over the preferred varieties of audio and video connectors as a result of there are lots of different varieties obtainable. 


Connector for telephones 

Practically all smartphones embrace what is called a 3.5mm headphone port. Moreover, there are a number of sizes of this connection in the marketplace. 

  • A standard sight in our cell telephones and different audio gear.
  • Helps audio output in addition to enter.
  • Tip, ring, and sleeve coaxial connectors make up the standard 3 or 4 connections.

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The DIN connector 

For analogue audio transmissions, this specific form of round connector was first outlined by DIN.

  • A conductive ring surrounds three or extra steel pins in a din connection.
  • It incorporates a notch to limit the plug and socket’s appropriate orientation.
  • This type of connection is often utilised in analogue audio functions like MIDI units and loudspeaker inputs.

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The USB connector 

The usual protocol for connections for knowledge switch and energy supply is known as USB, or Common Serial Bus. Most prevalent in cell phones, PCs, and different auxiliary gear.

  • 3 variations of USB have been developed: USB 1.x, USB 2.0, and USB 3.x.
  • VCC, GND, DIN, and DOUT ports are at all times current on a standard USB port.
  • Works finest with a voltage vary of 5 volts.

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USB variants

Sort A: Client electronics of kind A embrace laptops and smartphones.

Sort B: Printers and your trusty Arduino UNO are Sort B units.

Sort C: The newest model of this sequence is Sort C. It’s stronger, able to sending knowledge at a speedy tempo and supplying probably the most energy potential.


Can connectors be used for each energy and knowledge transmission?

Sure, some connectors, reminiscent of USB and HDMI, are designed to transmit each energy and knowledge.

Are there connectors which can be designed for particular varieties of units?

Sure, some connectors, reminiscent of HDMI and USB, are particular to sure varieties of units, reminiscent of televisions and computer systems.

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