Vastu Shastra ideas for a rented house

Vastu Shastra ideas for a rented house

Vastu Shastra, the traditional science of structure, is about enhancing constructive energies in a particular area. It applies equally, to properties owned by people, in addition to rental homes. “Vastu Shastra rules, when utilized appropriately within the dwelling area, guarantee bodily, non secular and materials well-being. Vastu defects will be corrected, by making modifications within the rooms, by making use of harmonious colors, by altering the position of objects or through the use of regulators and treatments,” explains Mumbai-based Niten Parmar of VastuPlus.



Exterior Vastu elements to contemplate, for a rental house

Whereas renting a home or condo, the exterior setting additionally performs a vital position, though one many be occupying the flat just for a number of months. The placement of the property, home/flat and road, are vital.

“Exterior forces affect the inner forces in the home to an ideal extent. Whereas visiting the place to be rented, have your partner/members of the family accompany you and attempt to gauge how you’re feeling within the area. Moreover the vitality, examine the air flow, gentle and stream of air in the home. In city cities, most locations have cellular or electrical energy towers. Keep away from locations which can be too shut to those towers. Additionally keep away from locations which can be near hospitals, graveyards, or an excessive amount of visitors – in different phrases, stressed environments. If the place makes you uncomfortable or uneasy, it might not fit your vitality patterns,” says Vastu practitioner Prasanna Narayan of Narayana Vastu Consultants, Bengaluru.

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Factors to examine earlier than transferring right into a home

One should preserve staple items in thoughts when renting a home. “Most significantly, keep away from a home with an excessive amount of Vastu negatives like a bathroom within the north-east, or a kitchen within the north-east or south-west zone, or a lacking nook within the north-east or south-west of the home. The grasp mattress room needs to be within the south-west zone,” advises Parmar.

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Whereas renting a home or an condo, attempt to verify the historical past of the property – how affluent the earlier occupiers had been and the rationale for them to shift. “The route of the primary door is vital, based mostly on the person’s date of delivery. There are constructive quadrants and the primary door ought to adhere to this precept,” provides Narayan. Carry out a small havan, earlier than coming into the home, to purify the area and cleanse it of any detrimental forces. A Ganesh puja, Navagraha Shanti (worship of the 9 planets) and a Vastu puja needs to be carried out.

Colors have vibrations. Therefore, go for lighter shades on the partitions and keep away from harsh colors and an excessive amount of of gray or black. Earlier than shifting, have the home freshly painted and restore all leaking pipes, faucets, damaged furnishings and cabinets.

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Correcting Vastu defects

“For correction of Vastu defects, one can use Vastu concord work, yantra and crystals, to carry tranquility and success. Use symbols like elephants, kuberan crystals, Buddhas and work of water our bodies, mountains or the solar, as these are thought of auspicious,” provides Pramar. In case you are already dwelling in a rented home that has Vastu defects, seek the advice of a Vastu practitioner who can information you with treatments that don’t require alteration of the area.

There are a couple of different easy measures that one can undertake, to make the rental area harmonious. For instance, common mopping of the flooring, with salt water, can cleanse the area. “Mild incense, dhoop or important oils to cleanse the house and to maintain it smelling recent. Enjoying harmonious music or chants, may also create a soothing ambiance. For constructive and cheerful vitality, nurture a couple of vegetation or place flowers and nice footage in the home. Hold the setting freed from litter, mud and cobwebs, because it attracts detrimental vitality. Additionally, be certain that the clocks in the home are in working situation,” concludes Narayan.

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